Sky Vegas Casino Monthly Promotion Promises Big Jackpot Rewards

Sky Vegas Casino is always offering exciting promotions. This month, their special promotion gives players the chance to earn even bigger rewards than normal.  Called Jackpot Cashdrops, their latest promo doesn’t only reward jackpot winners, but also those who miss out on these great prizes!

Essentially, the way the Jackpot Cashdrops promotion works is every time one of Sky Vegas’s slot jackpots of a minimum of £50,000 or higher is won, the casino will award a share of £1,000 into ten player accounts. The accounts are selected entirely at random.

In order to be one of the ten lucky players who are selected at random to receive the slot jackpot reward, a player only needs to have played the same game during the week that the jackpot of this slot is struck.

What’s more, on the day Sky Vegas casino announces the jackpot winner, it will reward an additional £100 bonus tokens to ten random players and give them a day to spend the bonus credits.

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